• Utility Bill Auditing

    Over 35% of utility bills have errors…do yours?

    No Cost Audits.

    NECS will do a complete audit of your gas and electric bills.

    Incorrect Charges.

    We look for things like incorrect classification, surcharges, tariffs, taxes, demand charges etc.

    Our Experience.

    Our utility bill auditors have performed thousands of billing audits to reduce our clients' utility spending.

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  • Commercial Electric & Natural Gas

    Save money Today! Let NECS Show YOu How to Cut Your Gas and Electric Costs..

    Multiple Vendors.

    Since NECS has relationships with several suppliers we shop for you.

    Right Pricing For You.

    Combine indexed, fixed, and variable rates to suit your needs. Individualized pricing solutions for your business.

    Better Purchasing Options.

    Now your cbusiness can get reliable energy services from an independent supplier that offers a personal touch.

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  • REGEN Energy Management

    REGEN Energy™’s wireless automated demand management and demand response controllers

    Swarm Technology.

    controllers are as easy to install as thermostats, and require no special training.

    Automatic Savings.

    dramatically reduce peak electrical demand by up to 30% in commercial and industrial properties.

    Like A Swarm of Bees.

    intelligently communicating and managing the duty cycles of the loads being controlled.

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  • Building Benchmarking

    Local Law 84 is the newest administrative headache for NYC landlordscourtesy of NYC.

    Local 84 Compliance.

    Let NECS work with you to ensure that you are not at risk of NYC fines.

    EPA Portfolio Manager.

    We will set up all of your properties in the as required by the law.

    Data Collection.

    Collect all energy usage information for your vendors including the utility and 3rd party vendors.

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  • Lighting Technologies

    We can retrofit or upgrade your current lighting system, reducing your energy costs significantly.

    LED Lighting Solutions.

    Advancements in LED technology is the most energy efficient lighting available.

    Utility & State Incentives.

    There are rebates to help reduce the cost of upgrading as well as Federal Tax Incentives

    Lighting Control Systems.

    C0ntrolling light levels, and the hours your lights operates can increase savings by 35%.

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Save Money With NECS TODAY!

NECS Energy is a full service Energy Savings Company offering a wide array of solutions.

  • Over 35% of utility bills have errors...do yours? We review our clients' utility/energy bills, and determine
  • Buying your gas and electric supply for your business can be a complex process. Comparing contracts
  • Robust, Flexible, Easy-to-Use, Swarm Energy Management™ REGEN Energy™’s wireless automated demand management and demand response controllers
  • NECS can assist clients in compliance with the benchmarking requirements of New York City Local Law
  • Retrofitting/Upgrading Lighting: We can retrofit/upgrade your current lighting system, reducing your energy costs significantly. We do
  • NECS has solutions for hot water, steam and even forced hot air systems. They generally work
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