NECS Energy

Although our company name consist of 4 letters our core essence is really based on three. The power of 3 that motivates us into action and drives us to keep on moving forward. Those 3 letters are Y-O-U.
It is “Your” entrepreneurial spirit and ambition that empowers our passion. You, the business owner serves as the springboard for our inspiration and impels us to continue doing what we do best; save your energy!!!
Every business owner has two choices when it comes to growth. It is either adding more dollar signs to your sales revenue or economizing on expenditures in order to achieve a greater bottom line.
At NECS, we are experts in the ladder. Our goal is to review your operational costs to see where we can assist in maximizing your net income for you.

The NECS experience is different because of what we specialize in, which is “your” vantage point. It is so much easier to share your vision with you when we cross over the bridge and actually join the stance on your side of the observatory. It affords us the angle of a perfect view, the perspective through “your eyes”. We see what you see, we can understand where you are coming from and where you are headed. Thus, all of our endeavors are based upon helping to get you where you want to go. We see what you see as a future for your business and we are here to help you make that vision a reality.

Meet our Team

Mayer Orgel – CEO and Founder

Mayer Orgel is the founder and managing partner of National Energy Cost Services. He founded NECS in 2005 to provide clients with a variety of cost cutting and energy saving solutions. Mr. Orgel strongly believes in direct client contact which allows for complete understanding of the client’s needs, and the implementation of a custom planning directive that will be achieved using the NECS Team. Mr. Orgel personally supervises the process from concept through implementation.

Moshe Schwartz - Managing Partner

Moshe Schwartz is a managing partner at National Energy Cost Services. Mr. Schwartz began his career in real estate by forming Omega development Group in 2001 to purchase multifamily properties, eventually buying and managing approximately 40 properties. His experience in Management forms the backbone of NECS’s services.

Esti Fischer – Account Executive

With close to a decade of experience, the detailed execution of daily operations at NECS is led by Esti, to ensure our client’s routine and special requests are completed. Esti is instrumental in making our Demand Response service running efficiently. Esti’s performance as the Account Executive for NECS continues to be instrumental in its national growth as a professional and respected cost cutting Consultation Company.

Rivki Beim – Sales and Benchmarking Specialist

As our in house Benchmarking Specialist, Rivki is responsible for the Facility Benchmarking obligations of landlords. These protocols are identified and integrated into the NECS management and software programs, resulting in accurate timely information for our clients. Rivki implements these activities to ensure all obligations are met in accordance with the governing agencies compliance directives.

Suri Fishman – Procurement Specialist

Suri is our seasoned energy procurement specialist who solicits competitive pricing nationwide for our clients electric and gas supplies needs. Suri utilizes an advanced software and auction platform to ensure our clients receive the best pricing available.

Yehudis Kanner- Accounting Executive

The accurate and timely generation of detailed accounting and refund information to our clients is provided by Yehudis. She and the NECS Team identify the needs of our clients and then customize a solution. Yehudis coordinates with our clients designated representatives the timely filing of Federal and local accounting requirements.