Why your business should be powered by Solar Energy

There are very few guaranteed consistencies in our lives. Sunrise and sunset is one of those few predict-abilities. We have come to rely on Mother Nature’s cyclic recurrences on a daily basis. Rain or shine, snow or hail, summer, winter, spring or fall the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening at regular intervals.
So, in essence expanding our solar dependency to utilize the sun's powerful rays to power up more of our lives is transferring our current risk to a more stable source of energy , Can that invaluable resource even be measured?

Aside from the reliability factor there is also the lower energy price tag to consider.

  • Solar can save up to 70% on your business utility costs thereby lower operating costs and freeing up capital for other business investments.

Secure Low Energy Rates for the Future

  • Reduce or eliminate your electric consumption with the utility company through a solar purchase or lock-in low electricity rates for the next 20 years with a lease or NECS Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Make your business EPA compliant Energy Star and deliver your core Social Responsibility practices to your customers Commercial Business consumers are making buying decisions that have positive environmental appeal and meet social responsibility goals.

Show your customers and your community that your business is sustainable in natural resources and energy efficiency.

NECS Commercial Business Solutions Expert Energy Analysis

  • The first step in the process of designing a solar panel system is to determine your business’energy needs.
  • We will build a system that’s correctly sized for your business and optimized for your energy consumption.
  • Built To Last – using inverters and panels that are MADE IN THE USA.
  • We provide a warranty of 25 years of standard Scaled Solar Solutions
  • 20kW to 2,000kW commercial solar installations
  • Every project is customized to meet your current size and scalability needs
  • SMALL business or LARGE business, we give you 100% of our passion for the industry, a fantastic delivery experience and competence from the time we meet with you to the commercialization of your new solar system.
  • Purchase +


    Some businesses prefer to operate on an all-cash basis.

    • Payback periods range from 3-5 years
    • IRR’s start in the mid-teens
    • Your ROI on the direct purchase of a solar system can easily justify the expense.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) +


    Commonly known as a “PPA,” this is an excellent option for non-profit and municipal customers.

    • NECS owns, installs, maintains, and insures a solar system on your property
    • You purchase the energy produced from the array for 20+ years at a discounted cost per kWh, well below current utility rates.
    • There are no other costs affiliated with your solar system.
  • Operating Lease +


    For those customers who can’t utilize the tax and depreciation benefits generated by the project, a 100% financed operating lease may be a good option.

    • You keep all of the cash subsidies and realize the energy savings of the project
    • Tax and depreciation benefits go to the lessor in return for reduced payments.
  • Capital Loan +


    Many of our customers finance their solar projects with a 100% capital loan from one of NECS’S lenders, or a lender of the customer’s choosing.

    • You keep all of the tax, depreciation and cash benefits of the projects
    • All of the energy savings are yours, and you pay nothing.
    • Virtually all of our customers who utilize this option are cash-flow positive throughout the loan term.
  • NECS Rents Your Property +


    NECS rents your roof or land on a long-term basis (20+ years) for the sole purpose of building and maintaining a solar energy facility.

    • We pay you each month to rent your roof
    • No other obligations.
    • You’re helping provide solar energy access to your community
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