energy auction graphic    AP PArtner

As an NECS Energy partner:

  • Have a cutting-edge Reverse Auction platform as part of Your Firm's services
  • Implemented easily as part of your current site on a URL
  • Enjoy a completely White Labeled platform so only Your Firm is shown on the Reverse Auctions

Run your own Energy Auctions using Your Brand and your Companies Name or let us do everything for you.

You and your customers get:

  • 10 to 20 energy suppliers competitively bidding for the business
  • The best supplier price available
  • Complete transparency including logs of all bids and contract terms
  • Real-time savings shown on the screen as bids come in
  • Customers who stick with you long term

Take advantage of our powerful bidding platform. Auctions run daily, weekly, monthly, whenever you and your customers need them.

Auction Screen Customer  Screen Shot 2017 01 06 at 11.12.05 AM

Some of our structured pricing includes our BilTrackers software for you and your customers. The BillTrackers cloud-based energy dashboard is a powerful software that manages your energy bills, budgets, alerts and overall energy management. Click here to see BillTrackers software.

Email us or call 855.733.1100 ext. 210 and get started right now!