ENERGY BENCHMARKING is the practice of measuring how much energy a building consumes and comparing that against other buildings.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”  is as trite as it is true.  

40% OF OUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION and greenhouse gas comes from buildings.

Benchmarking is the first step toward boosting a building’s energy efficiency.

SAVE MONEY AND CUT COSTS. More and more studies are finding that benchmarking cuts building energy use. For owners and managers, just knowing how much energy their building consumes is the first step toward reducing it—and saving money.

½ OF ALL ENERGY SAVINGS are achievable through low-cost or no-cost operational improvements.

70% OF FACILITY MANAGERS who benchmark their facility with Energy Star use that information to guide them in decisions about energy upgrades.

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NECS will provide you with a certificate that compares your building to peer buildings on completion of the Benchmarking study.

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