Demand Response

Adjust your energy usage a couple times a year to earn BIG money for your business. Demand Response is commercially active in many states, with the greatest monetary values in the Northeast, with New York City paying the highest amount of money per kW.

  • Imagine earning $300,000 dollars and doing it easily without pain!
  • How about earning $30,000 dollars for curtailing 100kW of energy for 4 hours NECS proprietary cloud based technologies deliver ‘DR made Easy’.

You run your business, we manage your energy. It’s just that simple.

typical DR energy curve

Demand Response explained:

Your Electric Utility: Sometimes your electric utility is short on electric energy and can’t reliably deliver energy to your business.

What you do to ensure reliability of your energy and earn big money: Adjust your current energy normal consumption patterns to earn incentive payments designed to induce lower electricity use at times of high wholesale market prices or when the electric system reliability is jeopardized.

what is demand response