An energy study of your building can help pay for upgrades

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Energy Audit ProcessCompleting an energy study of your building can help you identify and evaluate opportunities to reduce energy costs and incorporate clean energy into your operations.

  • Most energy audits have incentives that make them low cost or free
  • NECS staff Energy Auditors are highly trained professionals, ensuring a quick process with quality data-driven results that doesn’t disturb your business operations

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When the audit is completed, you will have a comprehensive BUILDING ENERGY RATING (BER) Scorecard.

The BER Scorecard, along with a detailed list with suggested energy efficient upgrades that save you money will include all incentives for upgrading your equipment and energy related services. That makes it easy for you to upgrade your building at the lowest cost. Sometimes, upgrades can be so cost effective that they are free!

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Take advantage of NECS’ energy study today. It’s usually completed in just a couple days. So call us right now to start.