Saving you Money on Energy is our Mission


Using NECS as your Natural Gas supplier can save you up to 35%*** on your cost for Natural Gas

  • We operate Natural Gas auctions daily using our ‘Auctions Power’ cloud-based bidding platform
  • You get the absolute lowest price for your Natural Gas
  • Typically, 15 to 20 suppliers are bidding for your business
  • Complete transparency, no hidden costs, fees or surprises
  • You get our exclusive 'BillTrackers' cloud-based software for free.


  • Your energy usage is provided in beautiful, easy to understand graphs
  • Simple, one-click reports on usage, weather, and other important data
  • Your energy contracts are stored electronically for easy access
  • Your monthly energy bill is automatically captured from your natural gas utility
  • Monthly and annual budgeting
  • Receive real-time alerts on when your energy usage is reduced or exceeded

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*** Can be achieved through supply procurement together with permanent energy efficiency