Get paid to upgrade!

NECS provides expedited incentives across North America.

Example 1: NY State provides cash incentives to businesses that install energy efficient upgrades. Upgrades may include a  range from energy efficient Lighting, HVAC, Elevators, Air Compressors and other similar projects. Small businesses can benefit from prescriptive incentives that allow cash payments for qualified projects

Example 2: New Jersey SmartStart Buildings ... A smart start now means better performance later! Whether you’re starting a project from the ground up, renovating existing space, or upgrading equipment, you have unique opportunities to upgrade the energy efficiency of the project.

New Jersey SmartStart Buildings can provide a range of support — at no cost to you —to yield substantial energy savings. Some of the most utilized incentives are:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Elevator Renovations
  • Equipment Replacement

Financial incentives are available for size projects which can offset some - or maybe even all - of the added cost to purchase qualifying energy-efficient equipment. Support for Custom Energy-Efficiency Measures Custom measures gives you the opportunity to receive an incentive for unique energy-efficiency measures that are not on the prescriptive equipment list, but are new/innovative or project/facility specific.

Application and Eligibility Process We have made it even easier to participate! NECS does it ALL for you.