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Water Bills are a big part of your overhead expense, let us help and get money back at no cost with NECS Water Audit Service We review our clients' water bills, and determine if there are errors and overcharges paid which should be refunded.

At no cost to you, we have our engineers on staff analyze your bills and determine any incorrect charges (i.e.: Classification, surcharges, tariffs, taxes, other charges) which should be refunded. Keep in mind, this program is on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you get your refund!


Some of the errors or overcharges you may face:

  • Broken Meters
  • Estimated Readings
  • Incorrect Readings
  • Duplicate or Over Billings
  • Conversion from Frontage to Meter-Based Billing
  • Reconciling of multiple meters on NYC DEP accounts

For those properties that include commercial and/or industrial tenants, additional issues that tend to arise include:

  • Duplicate frontage and metered billing on commercial units.
  • Multiple meter accounts for different stores on the same bill.
  • Failure to bill commercial tenants for their actual water and sewer usage.
  • Billing based on estimated charges for several years at a time.
  • Non-existing meters being billed by NYC DEP

It's never been easier to partner with NECS Energy Savings Solutions to start conserving water and saving money. Let us devise an installation plan of high-effiency products for your property.

Return on investment (ROI) is as fast as six to 18 months and annual water savings average 30 to 60 percent.