We represent the top maintenance contract insurance company in the U.S.

A powerful benefit of using our software and maintenance programs is that every detail of every equipment is recorded and saved in our cloud based service. You have a choice of running 47 reports depending on your needs and or demands. An account representative that is easily accessible is assigned to each customer. We know that you expect quality service and we are determined to exceed your expectations.

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The Original Equipment Manufacturer is normally the recommended service organization


An Independent Service Organization is an option for equipment service

SU Group

Programs offered by Specialty Underwriters, Mediserve, Inc. or SU Canada, Ltd.

Preventative Maintenance Coverage

Preventative or scheduled maintenance is recommended and covered. Service may be completed by the OEM, third-party company or your In-house personnel

Yes Yes Yes
Corrective Maintenance Coverage

Maintenance required due to equipment breakdown. Service may be completed by the OEM, third-party company or your In-house personnel

Yes Yes Yes
Coverage for Parts, Travel, Tax

Most parts are covered, travel time and taxes are also paid

Yes Yes Yes
One Telephone Number to Dispatch Service for All Equipment

SU Group's TELESERVE™ Program offers one toll-free telephone number for you to call when service is needed. SU Group will call the service organization, issue a Purchase Order, handle paperwork and pay the vendor directly

no no Yes
In-house Reimbursement for Repairs

SU Group will reimburse you for service performed by your In-house staff

no no Yes
Rental of Substitute Equipment Coverage

In the event that rental equipment is needed due to equipment breakdown, SU Group provides coverage for that expense

no no Yes
Repair, Replace or Cash Out Option

In lieu of a repair, SU Group Engineering may offer to replace the equipment or pay a predetermined cash amount for the equipment

no no Yes
Future Equipment Purchase Evaluations

SU Group can provide valuable input to future service costs assisting you in capital equipment acquisition

no no Yes
Alternate Equipment Service Sourcing

SU Group will help you determine the best equipment service provider for your equipment, whether it's the Original Equipment Manufacturer or an Independent Service Organization

no no Yes
Alternate Parts Sourcing

In the event that major parts are required to be replaced, SU Group will locate parts from the most cost effective suppliers which helps contol the overall equipment service budget

no no Yes
Online Equipment Management, Service & Program Reports

Numerous Standard or Client customized Reports are available online to assist equipment lifecycle planning and equipment service cost control

no no Yes
Engineering Support Services

SU Group Engineering Services' vast experience assist in equipment repairs and cost control at all levels of service

no no Yes
Program Account Services

Dedicated SU Group personnel are assigned to your Program to add and delete equipment, provide quotations for new equipment and provide service history reports

no no Yes
Underwriting / Risk Assessment

SU Group's Underwriting Department and Database represent 30 years of equipment history providing the most thorough information to accurately underwrite and assess risk

no no Yes
Power Surges

Power surges causing equipment to be repaired may be covered

no no Yes
Environmental Changes

Changes in environmental control causing equipment to be repaired may be covered

no no Yes
Human Error & Negligence

Repairs needed to equipment due to human error or negligence may be covered

no no Yes
Insurance Backed Program

Equipment maintenance management Programs have the option to be backed by an Insurance Company with a A.M. Best Rating of A- or better

no no Yes