Upgrade your lighting for no cost $0.00
using the newest LED technologies

NECS will perform a quick lighting audit of your facility to ensure that you are
a match for this program. Eligibility is based upon qualification for State incentives.

Lighting for your Business:

Why bother changing my lighting if it is still working?  

If you are thinking along those lines then NECS is here to “enlighten” you on the 5 most compelling reasons your business should upgrade their lighting now.

1. Typically, 30% of a business’s electric bill represents the lighting for that business.

2. Installing LED lighting will save you 40-70% on the lighting portion of your business’s electric bill. In addition, LED lights last 8-10 years so that you don’t have to worry about replacing burnt out lights!

3. Utility bills have tax lines that are paid for by the users regardless of what their energy rate is. Some of these tax funds are appropriated for lighting upgrade programs. You are paying for it, now it’s time for you to take advantage of it and get back value for your business

4. NECS can finance the LED lighting conversion (If you don’t qualify) so that the monthly savings will cover the finance payment. Frequently, savings exceed the finance cost. Either way, you win in energy savings and reduced utility bill cost.

5. Incentives from your utility will pay a large portion of the upgrade cost.

We can’t think of more logical reasons why you shouldn’t be calling us to learn more. Could you?

Lighting retro


Better quality light and cool to warm, the technology of LED’s has become natural and attractive. You could end up with more money in your pocket than the cost of the upgrade.

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Call today and we will get started with a quick audit of your building's current lighting and the suggest to you the appropriate LED upgrades.